We all started somewhere..

*Pretend I’m walking up to you with a dope outfit and a mini mic in my hand. Clearing my throat, I pull out flash cards with my speech to you.*

As artists, as beings, as personalities, we all started somewhere.

Looking back into what made me who I am, I see snippets of my childhood and teenage years. I see a confused, identifiably lost, girl searching for a dream or place she can escape to. This place was supposed to have everything she ever wanted — security. But, of course, when this place is found, either through a book, a song, or a dream, she is snapped back to reality. Snapped back to being lost.

Growing older and wiser (somewhat), I learned that security can be created, not by chance or others (i.e. relationships), but by yourself. I have to remind myself everyday of who I want to be and where I want to end up. I am the only person in this world who can put me there. Therefore, why waste my time searching for it when I can create it?

Since I have always felt most secure, most connected, through music, art, literature, even dance, I thought “Why not write about it?” I mean, I am spending thousands of dollars a year for a piece of paper that said I can write. That must mean I’m qualified.

Here, on this lovely little blog, I will express myself on many works of art. That can include reviews, writings, photos, etc. To clarify, I will express myself on all the crap that I like, not you, or her, nor him. Because baby, it’s ya girl Liz, and I’ll tell it like it is.

*Bows* Peace!

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