Everyone’s A Poet

Welcome to my poetry portfolio! These are pieces that I feel best represent my ability to tell a story in not so many words.

Lost Touch

I can not touch you, nor you to l.
As we sit from a short distance, stare at each
Filtered space of our perpetual silence.
When our eyes can meet, our voices will sync, 
with a mirror canvas between us
And this film will show its fear and weep for our orbit, 
like planets and their moons, we 
yearn to collapse into each other once again.
Sympathetic Stares

Unsure of battle outcomes
microscopic battle cries -
the pillars of your strength
multiply as your time is questioned.
Span of yourself, your light and life
is tested. How bad do you want it?
"You can get through this." Each said,
unsure of your battle outcome.
Dumbfounded, blindsided, sudden heavy
shoulders by the label of incurable
your durability and spectrum soul
The worth of your time questioned.